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comic © me

satan © himself


カゲプログ3 By くく

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.

Translation + typeset by me, cleaning by Oto

Bonus under the cut.

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Their jersey’s look super similar, amirite? I hope this isn’t an official match Kagami….


Mekakushi Online


※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.


"Im your knight in shining armor and I love you”

Aokuro au world setting


Actually did a proper ouji fashion shoot yesterday! *A* Renka and I were twinning in white AatP Pirate outfits~ shall post photos of both our coords soon >3<

Shorts, vest - Alice and the Pirates, OTKs, shoes - Innocent World, tricorn hat - Peacockalorum




look at my totally cool and accurate griffins for sketch_dailies

they make great tattoos, too. observe

impress your friends. collect them now! 

(also you may remember burd from my 4th year film wingman!)


The Hobbit in Junji Ito World - Uzumaki 

I’m sorry Tolkien


edit - another parody done in same style; made by my friend @reammm ( ´ v `)~


Some process gifs as an overview of my general approach when it comes to painting. I have made other posts about my process before (which you can access through the #answers tag) but it does seem to be a popular thing to ask about, so here’s another one-size-fits-all kind of answer.

For environments I follow a very loose sketch and move right into blocking out main shapes and overall colour scheme. For things that may require more detail due to proximity (e.g. faces) I will do cleaner lines.

It can be fun to paint messily (see the maidenhair drawing) but in many cases you may want to adopt habits which will speed up your process such as locking down transparency (or use layer masks or both) for things which need it so you won’t be wasting time cleaning up edges later. Natural shapes are more forgiving of lines which are out of perspective; don’t be afraid to use things like polygonal lasso or shapes when drawing buildings. Use large brushes when building up colour scheme; the whole thing will read better without unplanned strokes everywhere.

Sometimes I get comments about detail. My paintings aren’t usually very detailed. I like to draw things from far away, and the further away something is the easier it is to draw. Shapes can be implied. There is no need to draw every petal of a flower or ever branch of a tree or every blade of grass. A few blades of grass can hint at a whole lawn.

For brushes I primarily like to use Photoshop’s default hard/soft circle brushes, occasionally flattened to an oval. The default chalk series is also good. I also often make custom brushes for paintings, especially for different types of foliage. When making or using brushes pay attention to brush settings like Scattering, Brush Tip Shape > Spacing, and Shape Dynamics > Angle Jitter. There is no magical brush which will solve all your painting problems. There are brushes which are better suited for some purposes than others (e.g. a general leaf shape with scattering and angle jitter). Learn how to fish.

After all your fundamentals are there the painting process is really just a matter of defining and rendering until you feel like it’s time to stop. This is the easiest part, although depending on how defined you want your painting to be it can also be the most time consuming.

That’s all for now. :)


whenever people make headcanons about how eren and armin meet in canon it’s usually like eren saving armin from bullies and hey i dig that but hear me out here okay

carla’s out at the market and she’s got lil eren walking by her side (i’d say he’s around 4-5 here) and she is Not having a good shopping day because eren won’t stop running off and looking at things and running under ladie’s skirts and she jut gets really fed up when he wanders off one last time so she just reaches down and Grabs and hauls the kid over her shoulder and starts going home

she’s so mad going back she doesn’t even talk to him and she’s back at her house and she finally looks over and realizes that this is Not Eren. this is Not Eren At All. it’s a lil blond kid bout the same age just hanging there over her shoulders like ‘i guess this is my life now’ and she’s flipping out like HOW??

she leaves lil bab Armin there to keep him safe and sprints back maximum overdrive to the market and lil eren’s just standing there picking his nose and armin’s mom is yellin all over the place askin people if they’ve seen a sorta mid-height brunette lady last seen snatching tiny blond children

anyways carla explans the huge misunderstanding and brings armin’s ma back to her place and armin’s had bonding time with grisha and they all have tea and armin and eren finally get face to face and then magic happens and the rest is history


I went for sushi and this was in the fortune cookie and I just about died






whenever people are like “SKETCHING CIRCLES IN SAI IS SO HARD” im like

pffft I work with 6000X4000 and the size of the brush can be only not above 2000px

i dont use that trick



I don’t use Sai but I can’t stop laughing at this omg



When not to sing Let It Go…